An onigiri (おにぎり), or rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice shaped into triangular or oval shapes and often wrapped in nori (seaweed). An onigiri is usually filled with pickled vegetables, sour plum, salmon, kombu seaweed, or other preserved ingredients. Watching samurai movies, you may notice that when traveling, these warriors will often pack a few onigiri to eat on the road. To me, they are a type of comfort food – reminding me of my family and my culture. I love them because they’re a simple treat… inexpensive, but good and (semi)nourishing. I believe that life is better when we can enjoy its simple pleasures… like an onigiri everyday.

This blog is about finding those simple pleasures in all that we encounter. I hope you can learn, laugh, and be inspired by my thoughts, experiences, and creativity.

a village shrine in Tono-shi, Iwate-ken


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  1. So glad to see you having a blast in Japan. You have tried some cool stuff while you are traveling. Have a safe trip back home!

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