Communion Cross

For years, I have wanted to experiment with communion taken on the cross. I thought it would be a powerful image of Jesus’ sacrificial death for all humanity if we could literally take the “broken flesh” straight from the cross. I specifically asked our church staff if I could have the Good Friday preaching slot so I could try out this idea. As our worship director (Christine Allen) and I were talking it over, she gave me the idea to have the cross stand upright. Pastor Ken also suggested nails (he rightly said “it wouldn’t be complete without the nails”). Immediately I went to work coming up with a look for the bread hung on the cross. I wanted it to be dramatic, but not cheesy. Hopefully that was accomplished. Thanks to Christine and Ken for their input (and Ken for the following pics), and to Lester Cheng who built the cross and welded the stand! Here’s my vision come to life:

We started the service with the cross shrouded. It looked erie, like a dead body was underneath. I suppose that's appropriate for what the bread stands for.
I asked 3 of our female ministry staff (Pastor Sharon Koh, Fam. Director Shirley Lew, and Pastoral intern Diana Lee) to hold the cups. I thought it more appropriate that women should hold the cups since only women (and maybe one dude) were at the real crucifixion. The fool preaching is me.
We had people come up to the cross, and "rip & dip". Rip the bread off, and dip it in the juice.
For bread, we used challah. It's texture was perfect... and the taste was DEE-lish. I found thick nails at home depot to nail in the bread, and finished off with twine to bind it to the cross. I covered the twine with cinnamon to give it a redish, worn look.
People knelt beside the cross to pray and meditate. I pray that people were ministered to. Overall, I was pleased with the look of the cross/bread. It came out better than I expected!

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