Alta Dena Ass.

I saw an ass in Alta Dena.

The other day, I was driving Fara back to her house and we saw the craziest thing… a small Mexican cowboy-looking man riding a donkey (or some sort of dwarf horse) to the Ace hardware store across the street! HAHA. No joke. He rode down the street on this donkey, pulled up to the doorway of the store, and tied the donkey off while he went inside. The man was a short guy with boots, jeans, a white button shirt and a cowboy hat. He even had a sort of limp-swagger as he walked. HAHAHHA.

The guy rode down the street to this store. HAH. As I was driving, I screamed, "WHAT THE?! IS THAT A DONKEY!?!" He pulled up and tied the burro off where I circled in blue.
A close up of the donkey. Sorry for the low rez... the Droid can do only so much.

Stay tuned! Next post on the Jenny Goto Art installation!

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