The Last Supper

We had our annual Christmas party for the college group last night, and we decided to re-create Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting. Take a look and see how we did!

Our pictoral model.
Our interpretation!

With the help of a Snuggie from our white elephant gift exchange, and the table I built, we posed for our interpretation of Da Vinci’s masterpiece. DHubb was our Jesus… he had the perfect hair and beard for the job. Incidentally, he just came back from studying abroad in Israel! haha.

I love these students. I started working with them regularly when most of them were in junior high or early high school. It’s been awesome to see them continue to grow and mature into amazing young women and men. These students are a big part of the reason I’ve stayed at Evergreen after I graduated seminary. One of the best parts of Advent is getting to throw this party and seeing all these students come back from all over the country to hang out and reconnect.

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