White Elephant Whiskey and Rudolph the Red Nosed Rooster!

A few interesting things happened at church this week, and I thought I’d share them!

We had our annual staff Christmas party at church, at which, we have our infamous staff white elephant gift exchange. The highlights every year are seeing people get toilet paper or cheesy crystal ash trays. The prime timers (seniors) also come out and it’s really fun to see them fight ruthlessly for various gifts. Fara came this year, and she actually received the CRAZIEST gift I’ve ever seen at a church staff Christmas party! Take a look!! haha…

Johnnie Walker made a visit to the staff Christmas party!

12 year old scotch whiskey complete with glasses!!! So awesome. Too funny. There were a few people interested in trading afterward, but we decided to keep it. One of them was an under-aged college student (who was turning 21 soon), but both of us felt uneasy about that… especially since both Fara and I are college ministry staff!!! HAH. Since neither of us drink 12 year old scotch, looks like we’ll be searching for some whiskey marinade bbq ribs online. 🙂  Only at Evergreen would this show up at a staff Christmas party… and only at Evergreen would one of my students ask for it. HAH.

Next, the rooster.

Later in the week, we were all working in the office and Ken came running inside to tell our Shirley that there was a baby red rooster stuck under her car. It had apparently escaped from the mental hospital next door and was hiding under the car (I realize that last sentence makes it sound like we are next door to a mental hospital for roosters, but no… there are only humans being treated there).

I stuck my phone under the car and snapped this shot. It’s like a Where’s Waldo book. Can you find it in the picture? Turns out, the rooster was not stuck. It was just scared of the people walking around. Once we left it alone, it came out, and the staff at the mental hospital came over, put it in a straight jacket, and took it back.

Can you see the rooster??

Anyway. That was the week. Happy Christmas!

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