Everything hurts.

I can barely move.

My muscles are in pain. My ankle is messed up. My feet are full of blisters. Even my fingers hurt for some reason.

We got back from King’s Canyon at about 2:30am last night (morning)… a day early than scheduled. We hiked out early, but pushed our bodies to their uttermost limits. It’s difficult for me to even stand up right now, so I spent most of the morning in bed (I even slept without sheets last night so my feet could be “untouched”.

I will post more about the trip later when I regain some strength and perspective. Haha. Until then… I leave you with these pics:

The group at Baxter pass (over 12,000 ft). We're smiling because this was the last pass to climb in order to get out. Too bad we still had the worst 7 mile descent we'd ever experienced still in between us and the car.
Those aren't shadows... that's dirt, grime, and unmentionable substances. This pic was taken after a few handwashings and a very very long shower. Sometimes the crud stays in my hands for days. GROSS.
Thought I'd leave you with a nice pic to end: one of the first lakes we passed on our way to our first campsite. Not too shabby, I suppose.

One Reply to “Everything hurts.”

  1. Nice to finally have you back home, Jase. Can you believe it’s already been a month since we left for Japan?

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