4am Departure

Looks like sleep is nothing but a dream to me.

No time for real sleep. Only a nap.

At 3:55am (a few hours from now), I will meet up with a bunch of guys that I grew up with both from high school and grade school. The buddy that’s picking me up – I’ve known him since our parents pushed us around in strollers in this neighborhood. They’re the best part of these trips. If they didn’t go, I don’t think I’d pursue backpacking at all. I’m more of an ocean guy.

But alas, I have committed to another one of these “death trips” (that’s actually what we call them on the emails we send to each other). And this one looks to be no easier than the others…

Here are a few of my essentials that I thought were interesting:

My stove. It will heat my main ingredient for all meals: WATER.
This trip, I'll be taking some luxury items... instant milk tea and cafe au lait!! THANK YOU JAPAN!
This is our method of water sterilization. Ultraviolet light sterilizes the tiny living things in the water. You still ingest them, but this prohibits their reproduction inside your body. Gross.
My old Boy Scout sierra cup. It is my only cup/plate/bowl for the trip. Thus, I will have coffee in the morning, followed by, whether I like it or not... coffee-flavored oatmeal.
My new fly fishing pole and reel! I'm going to try my hand at this and hopefully catch something to supplement my dehydrated dinner. Hopefully my YouTube training videos have made me an expert fly fisherman.
This is my toilet-maker... because that's what it does. It makes my toilet.

Ok. Time to try and take a nap before I take off. Pray that my body be strengthened for this trip… I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Check back in about 4-5 days for my post-backpacking… uh… post.

I’m off into the wild!!

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