Packing Again.

I’m about to leave again.

I will be roughing it again… except this time, I’ll be in the backcountry of King’s Canyon with some childhood and high school friends of mine. The “potty in Iwate” we had at CRASH Tono Base will be a luxury where I am going.

by Monday, I'll be WISHING for this toilet.

Where I’ll be, there will be no toilet slippers or anything to sit on. You have to just dig a hole and hang your bum over the edge of a rock.

So, in the day or two I’ve been back, I’ve been running around trying to prep for this next trip. I went to REI today and started stocking up on various items, including POWERBARS, which I promise you, saved my life the last time I was in King’s Canyon. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that again.

this is some of what I bought today at REI. Oh, REI... you know how to get me!
this has absolutely nothing to do with my trip, but i had to post it. REI has everything!! I like the trap door in the guy's shirt.

I’m packing up my bear canister. In recent years, bears have been able to get at food hanging from trees, so the national parks have required these canisters for all backpackers. Supposedly the bears can smell the food, but they cannot open the canister. Thus, you have to put it far from your tent each night so the bears don’t maul you in trying to get to your food. Fantastic mental image I just gave myself.

So far, it's full of Mountain House dehydrated food. I love their Beef Stroganoff so much, I always save it for my last dinner in the mountains. Trust me, it's dee-lish.

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