From Blue to Brown


Just went from this:

rice paddy in Tono.

local shrine in Tono

majestic Sakurajima in Kagoshima

Shibuya scramble crossing, just after sunset

To this:

the sky is brown here.

me not happy.

I suppose I’m mentally blocking out all the destruction and discomfort we experienced in Iwate. But even in the midst of the Tsunami wreckage and recovery, the people of Iwate made the country beautiful still. I like LA, but I miss Japan.

I’m back for a few short days, and then I’m off to my next adventure… backpacking in the Sierras!

Here’s a pic of my first trip with my buddies in 2008:

overlooking a valley between a crack in a mountain at Inyo National Park

Each time we go, it’s always an adventure. I’ll be posting more about the trip in the next few days as I prepare! Stay tuned!!


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