Last hours in Tokyo…

Not sure whether I’ll have time (or the ability) to update in the airport, but I have to leave my room and my internet access…

I’ll be hitting up Tokyo for some last minute shopping and AT LEAST one more onigiri. 🙂

It’s been a great trip in so many ways. I’ve learned much and fallen in love with this country and my heritage. I wish only good things for the people here. God bless Japan.

Be sure to check the blog later… my journey will continue in LA… but it may be a lot less eventful!

From the land of the rising sun to the city of angels…

Grace, Peace, and Onigiri.

– J.

I leave you with a few more pictures from throughout my time here…

prayers at Meiji temple in the late afternoon sun
"Makudonarudo" Notice the different menu items i highlighted in blue... Salt&Lemon chicken, Teri-burger, Ebi Filet-O!!
One of my favorite breakfasts: milk tea in front of Sakurajima.

3 Replies to “Last hours in Tokyo…”

  1. Jase – It’s been really heartwarming reading this blog! So glad you decided to share your experiences, and that you were able to have such a meaningful time with your family in Japan. The pics make me miss it even more! You are on your way back now, so see you soon back on the Westsiide. 🙂

  2. I agree w/ Tina. What a rich trip you’ve had. So happy for you and proud of you for the courage you’ve shown. The green tea matcha experience sounds heavenly. welcome back!

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