Boys and Beards.

Check out the new Boy Scouts of America ads… they’re so weird!! haha. They’re a little disturbing, but in a weird way, I also like them. They’re 50% creepy, 50% genius.

The text on this one looks like a canteen strap. Almost every boy scout should recognize this strap.
The text on this add is on a Maglight. Most boy scouts from my era would recognize this as well. I still have mine beside my bed. To light my way in an emergency, and beat intruders senseless. haha.
This text is on a swiss army knife. I still use it when I go backpacking. If you don't recognize this, you're not a real boy scout.
The program must've worked on me (and my beard).

I really like these ads from the Boy Scouts in Canada…

I recently learned of two guys in our church that were Eagle Scouts. While I already thought they were really cool, I must confess I like them even better now. Haha.

I had a love-hate relationship with the BSA. Love the experience and friends. Hate the green socks.

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