Ayako-san in LA

This weekend, Ayako-san is visiting LA! Ayako Kaino was our CRASH base leader when our Japan team stayed in Tono this past August. She helped host and manage all the different volunteer teams that came to the CRASH Tono base while she was there. Ayako is an amazing young woman who has a huge heart for others… she speaks several different languages (including Arabic!) and was in Syria at a Palestinian refugee camp when she had to be evacuated out of the country. That’s when the 3/11 quake and tsunami hit Japan, and she began working with CRASH. Along with an extraordinary team of other CRASH volunteers, Ayako-san made our entire stay in Tono a really great experience for my whole Japan team.

That's Ayako in the middle. We were all doing the Japanese-peace-sign-picture-pose. Linda decided to make them into bunny ears.

5 Replies to “Ayako-san in LA”

  1. It was so great to see Ayako! It made me miss Tono, and feel grateful for our whole Japan experience. 🙂

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