Nisei Fishing Company Apparel & Craft Shows

About a year ago I was asked to join an annual Asian-American craft show in the area called Koi Krafters. I don't consider myself a "crafter" but I was intrigued at the idea. The organizers of the craft show asked me to come up with some apparel for Asian-American men, since the majority of their …

Mazda Ad

After riding in my sister-in-law's Mazda all weekend, I was reminded of this amazing ad. Bet it makes you consider getting a Mazda... and visiting Hiroshima.

DIY Pyrography Coaster

I decided to do a quick coaster project following my Instagram coaster project and my cutting board project. I combined the pyrography pen and transfer paper from the cutting boards and the wooden squares from the coasters to make a pyrography coaster. I love re-purposing leftover materials! You will need: 4.5" hobby wood squares a …

Gut Churn

Ran across this video on a while back. It's an interesting perspective from the creator of Radiolab Jad Abumrad on gut-churning that all creatives need to hear! Jad provides some great words of affirmation to those who constantly pioneer new paths and come up with new ideas. Love his perspective. Check it out!